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Why Occlusal Wear is Commonly Ignored

Did you know attritional wear is almost always preventable?

Attritional wearIn a restorative practice there often is a large percentage of patients that require complex reconstructive dentistry because of advanced attritional wear.

The reality is that most of those patients could have prevented the destruction of their occlusal surfaces if their dentist had been aware of the causes of wear and were observant of early signs when further progressive damage could have been prevented.

In this dental whitepaper, "Why Occlusal Wear is Commonly Ignored," Dr. Dawson covers the following topics:

  • Causes of wear
  • Causes of attritional wear on front teeth
  • Treating anterior teeth
  • Why the anterior end point of a slide from CR wears more than the site of the posterior interference
  • The formula for a perfected occlusion

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