Free Whitepaper: Career, Family, Fun: Can Female Dentists Do It All?


Can women have a thriving career and still be a great mother and wife (if they choose to be, of course)?


Cover_CanFemaleDentistsDoItAllThis has been a hot question over the past few years in the business world. With the growing number of women going into dentistry, it should also be a topic we, as women, discuss and address.

I recently interviewed Drs. Kim Daxon, Stacey Sparkman Hall and Laura Wittenauer. In our conversations we discussed if it is possible to have it all and if it is, how do they do it?

In this interview, they discuss:

  • What their schedule looks like (both in and out of the office)
  • How they insure their priorities remain their priorities
  • How they fit continuing education into their life
  • Other tips for work/life balance

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