Coming Soon:
The Dawson Academy in China

We are excited to announce that we will be offering The Dawson Academy hands-on dental courses in China soon. 

An Overview of The Dawson Academy Courses

Our Concept of Complete Dentistry® series teaches the fundamental principles and clinical skills that make dentistry completely predictable.

The overarching message throughout our curriculum is that the teeth are only one part of the masticatory system, and when the entire system functions in harmony, teeth are healthy and stable.

Understanding the masticatory system enables you to precisely determine the exact position and contour of anterior teeth - no guess work required.

Completion of this series will move you beyond being a "tooth doctor" and set you on the path of becoming a "physician of the masticatory system."

Contact The Dawson Academy China

To get in contact with the director of The Dawson Academy China about upcoming courses, please call Dr. Ge at 0086-18101036578 or fill out the form to the right.